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NORTH WOODS Photo Plaques

Our Photo Plaques are engraved with breathtaking artistic quality to create a one-of-a-kind family heirloom meant to be passed down through family generations. They are made of solid Pacific Coast Maple Wood and can be hung, or free standing . The beautiful engravings are 3-dimensionally burned into the wood. You really need to touch the 3-D photo engraving to appreciate the varying textures. Choose from 5" x 7", 7" x 9", 9" x 12", 12" x 16", and 18" x 24". We also offer the two largest sizes in an elliptical shape.

Fill out our order form, then mail or email it to us along with your studio quality photograph and the engraved text and other images you would like (look at our ENGRAVING OPTIONS page for ideas). We do absolutely no damage to your photo, plus we can artistically remove people or objects from your photo engraving. Not sure what TEXT AND FONT TYPE to choose, or images to add? CONTACT US for help, we have done many unique themes and are always creating more.

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~Mother and Son~
~Club Award~
~Wedding Engagement~
7" tall x 5" wide
9" tall x 7" wide 9" tall x 12" wide
12" tall x 9" wide
~Motorcycle~ ~Street Rod~ ~Wedding Family~ ~Wedding Couple~
12" tall x 16" wide 18" tall x 24" wide 12" tall x 16" wide 16" tall x 12" wide
~Family Reunion~
~Family Portrait~
~Wedding Bride~
18" tall x 24" wide 18" tall x 24" wide 24" tall x 18" wide