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NORTH WOODS Recipe Card Box

We explain your Engraving Options, including text fonts, poems, and clipart images.
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Click HERE to see engraving example on top of Box
Click HERE to see engraving example on bottom of Box
Price - $32.95 each for Qty. 1-3

Standard price includes two lines of engraved text in your CHOICE OF FONT TYPE.

Recipe Box measures 6 1/8" Long x 4 1/8" Wide x 4" High to fit 3"x5" index cards.

Beautifully crafted of solid Cedar Wood

Large areas on top and bottom of box for longer engraved messages.

What a great way to display those treasured family recipes!

Additional Options Include:

-Additional lines of text on top or bottom of box - $2.00 per line

-Standard Clip Art from our online Image Library - $5.00 per image

-A-Z index card guides - $5.00

-Engraved photo on top of box - $20.00

-Company Logos or Custom Clip Art - Please see ENGRAVING OPTIONS for details

-Pricing on Higher Quantity of Exact Engraving - Please CONTACT US